Top-Notch Siding Installation Gainesville, FL

As a local roofing contractor in Gainesville, Florida, we offer top-notch siding installation, repair, and replacement for both residential and commercial properties. Your property’s roof and siding are the most critical parts of your building which is your primary source of protection from outside elements.

Mother Nature has a very uncontrollable, unpredictable, and inevitable behavior which might cause significant damage to your property if you’re not prepared. Apart from your roof, your siding is always exposed to harsh weather, and they sustain damage from impacts brought about by hardened debris.

To ensure the safety of your property, installation of a durable siding will prevent water leaks and other physical damages caused by inclement weather. If your siding has underlying damage, cracks, or holes, water will seep in and cause more damage to your property.

siding installation gainesville

Types Of Siding Materials

Vinyl is a siding material that’s perfect for any residential or commercial property. This is why it’s one of the most popular of all siding materials available in the market. Vinyl siding is easy to install, easy to obtain, and also very simple to maintain.

Also, vinyl is resistant to extreme weather, rotting, chipping, peeling, and insects. Suppose you’re planning on selling your property, In that case, vinyl siding will enhance the curb appeal of your home or business, therefore, adding more value to your home or business.

Created and introduced by James Hardie, Hardie board is considered as an ideal siding material for all types of establishments. Hardie board siding is a popular siding material mainly because it requires low maintenance, longer lifespan, and also for its reasonable price.

It is flexible in the sense that it can mimic the appearance of any other siding materials in the market, such as wood shake and cedar shingles. You can choose from a wide variety of colors that comes with a 15-year warranty. Hardie board siding is highly resistant to fire, salt, and storm. This material is made of 90% sand and cement.

This original, old-style siding material is a combination of Portland cement, sand, lime, and water. Conventional stucco siding is applied using a lath or mesh in three coats on an existing siding. Traditional stucco does not absorb moisture which makes it a perfect siding material.

It is less prone to mold and algae growth as well as from the attack of hail, ding, and woodpeckers. Not only is traditional stucco soundproof, but it’s also highly resistant to fire.

This is also known as the exterior insulation and finish system or EIFS. It is well-known as the better innovation of the former traditional stucco siding. It has multiple layers and has an insulation foam board made from polystyrene, fiberglass mesh, synthetic stucco coating, and a topcoat.

This was used many years back during the postwar in Europe as an effective way to remedy damaged walls. It has excellent power-saving effects which thus made it an excellent alternative to the traditional stucco material.

The multiple layers of EIFS make it a very efficient insulator. Decorating this siding material is also possible as it allows for cornerstones, keystones, and other more creative decorations into your siding. EIFS is resistant against discoloration.

As the name suggests, this material is made from aluminum coil stock. It has been coated with another chemical to become more attractive and creative as well as for better protection from the outside elements.

The durability of this material includes a strong resistance against moisture, rust, and water. Aluminum siding is energy-efficient and reduces energy consumption as well as your energy bills. Also, aluminum is eco-friendly, and they’re fully recyclable when they reach the end of their service life.

This siding material is a durable type that can strongly resist hail and the falling debris. Steel siding needs less maintenance than others and is not susceptible to water and moisture. Also, this makes steel siding resistant to molds, mildew, or algae growth.

Steel siding can also resist harsh weather. Apart from this, it’s also resistant to rotting and insects. Steel siding is a tough and durable material for both residential or commercial properties.

Wood siding is trendy for residential or commercial property owners because of its natural appearance. The lifespan of wood siding can last for 30 years or more with proper maintenance. Additionally, wood siding is more affordable as compared to other siding materials.

Installation is fast and easy, and if you need to have a wood siding repaired, wood is readily available. Engineered wood has become a more durable alternative to standard wood siding. Wood is environmentally-friendly and fully recyclable. They’re also available in different shapes, designs, patterns, and styles.

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